November 14, 2018
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Facebook, Nerds, Writer’s Block….

Ok, life is busy. I think too busy if I can’t find 30 minutes to sit and write an article on my own blog. I hate to say….I mean it, I REALLY hate to say it, but my inspiration came from all things tonight….watching The Social Network. Really a great movie, but probably not for the same reason that my wife thought so. I mean, sure I understood most of the ramblings about code and various techno-nerd topics. However, what gets my juices flowing is the possibilities. I love writing code. I especially love writing code that does something (I can get pretty hot and heavy on code that does nothing too, so don’t think that was a mutually inclusive statement.) So, I am not talking about the possibilities of me getting to write code, although, I’m sure that that is intrinsically built into my salivation response. I’m talking about the possibilities for the future, for our world, for technology and how we are all becoming more and more connected.

For me, writing code is a spiritual….missing a word here….meditation? Not the word, but close enough. I am so focused when I have time to really get into the process.

So, why the heck do I have writers block? I don’t know. Maybe my aspirations of being a writer, amongst other things….is just that.

But I’m not giving up yet.


Writing JavaScript with PHP

I know, what kind of topic is that!#@? It gets worse, I really don’t know how to do it. I mean, I’ve begun writing this class (called, JS, go figure), that does exactly that. Still, it’s so tricky and so many ways that it can break. I don’t mean, to simply have the JavaScript built into a form so that it does validation or any of that crap. I mean, so that, without having to break stride in my PHP code, I can write complex JS and have it parsed correctly with the IDE of choice (PHPStorm is mine today, despite what you may have read.)

I’ve made good progress, but it’s painstaking and I feel like my current method is too primitive. I know my readership is small at the current time, but if anyone reads this and has any ideas about this sort of thing, please, let me know.

I’m a good JS coder…ok, I’m a so-so JS coder, but I’m a good JS-Prototype coder. So, it’s not my ability to write good JS code that is the problem (actually, it’s just the opposite.)


So, there. Writer’s block over.

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