Why Google 2-Step Authentication Sucks (at least now)…

I am finally trying to take the leap here, but I’m run into a major road-block. With something like my Google account, I use it too much, in too many different places and many of them require using Google’s application specific password feature (iPhone email, Outlook) and on top of that, I change these settings (remove and add) very frequently. So, why can’t Google just allow me to see this password, instead of having to generate a new one every time? Of better yet, give me the option of only requiring 2-Step for these protocols I prefer (yes to HTTP, no to SMTP, POP3, IMAP.)

At least with Outlook, I can copy and paste, but have you tried to type one of those application specific passwords into your iPhone? Sucks.

Anyway, I guess I’ve had my test run, and I’m done. Removing 2-Step Authentication today for Google. I’ll keep using it for Twitter and for Facebook, as those work well (especially Facebook, that whole scheme works well.)