November 14, 2018
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Movie Review–I Am Number Four

I am very pleased to say that my faith in Hollywood’s ability to do good science fiction has be officially restored. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I saw Super 8…and WOW. Great flick. True Spielberg (even the time setting.) Still, I was very hesitant on this movie, because I have just felt like the genre was on a severe decline (sans a few, e.g. Star Trek, Avatar.) I have to say that this one of my favorites of the last decade (must be, I’m blogging about a movie….which I never do, ok, actors on a decline, maybe…but not movies.) Still,I was so inspired by the acting,the storyline and the incredible portrayal of the powers that these beings have, especially when working as  team, had been yelling at the TV like it was an NFL game (back when I actually watched sports on TV.) The fact that this was a novel for teens (didn’t know this detail until afterward), makes me even more surprised of the depth and lack of 90210ism that this move had (and heck, even I think the lead role was kind of cute.)

Anyway, hooray for Hollywood today. Oh, and one more thing….boo to the so-called critics. Once again, my theory that if the critics hate it, then I will love it prove true. Thank god I don’t pay any attention to their silly ranting.