Nerd Journalism (aka, It’s A Boy!)

As I sit here on the porch of a “cabin” next to Lake Brownwood, which is definitely in the country, typing away this attempt to corral my thoughts out onto the Interweb, I am struck by how much I really do love technology. Look, I know almost nothing about journalism, and or writing in general. I have no idea how to even get people to read this damn Blog of mine.

However, I do know that configuring WordPress plugins to publish my posts to Twitter and Facebook, while sitting in the middle of nowhere, really gets my juices flowing.

It’s not just I.T. (programming and working on computers for you non-nerds) that I love, but development for the sake of greater connections to the true purpose of all human life: community.

So, as I test this new plugin that should truly set this post free, out into the wild….I have to wonder…was I a good father?