November 14, 2018
  • What we have here, is a failure to communicate…

NYC – It’s Like A Drug (Come on, everyone’s doing it)

Wow. Our first night out on our bi-annual trip to paradise (yes, for my wife and I, this is it) and it’s already been a week’s worth of excitment…and we haven’t even done anything yet.

To recap:

  1. We ate some scrumptuous NY style pizza (cheapest meal we’ve had yet)
  2. Walked at least a half-marathon
  3. Had some guy first try to sell us stand-up comedy tickets, and then proposition us to come try out a swingers club (complete with mulitiple floors….the top floor was only for 4 or more)
  4. Watched the naked cowboy
  5. Saw THE tree
  6. Shopped at H&M at 9 o’clock at night WHILE listening to a pretty rockin LIVE DJ (props to Morsy)
  7. Oh, and had quite an adevnture on the NY subway (almost got on the train going to the wrong way, but thanks to my Ninja cat-like reflexes, we were saved)