Temporary Outage Due To Cruel Administrator

I’m a reseller for the company that hosts this site (thanks TotalChoice!), and you’d think I’d give my own website something more than the “starter” plan level of hosting…but I didn’t. So, anyway, outage this morning was due to lack of bandwidth (lack of paying attention really.) Glad to be back.


My new plug is for CrashPlan. The software is awesome. It’s the same software used by a commerical vendor that my company uses called Metiix (although the consumer version, CrashPlan, has more features…..go figure.) It’s cheap – $49.99 per year for unlimited data for one computer (though, if you are techy like me you can just push all of your data to one machine and back that up.)

Upload speed is not great, but I’m resigned to the fact that none of these vendors have good upload speed, except maybe https://www.sugarsync.com/, which I use as well, but only for most critical data because it’s too expensive for all of my stuff.

UPDATED – Free 512GB Online Backup from BeeCloud

I was just informed from BeeCloud that their contract with LiveDrive has been terminated…knew it was too good to be true.


While looking for good free backup solution for my sister this weekend, I came across a fantastic deal. As a full-time I.T. solution guy, I have looked at a lot of online backup products over the last few years. I stumbled upon a new player in the game (maybe they are not new, but new to me) and I was shocked! Nothing I have seen comes close to the storage capacity / cost ratio of BeeCloud! Skeptical, I signed my sister up for the free 512GB account – THAT IS NOT A TYPO, yes, it’s free and yes, it’s 512GB (and unlimited computes can use that space.) But it doesn’t stop there; they have an unlimited backup for $29.99 A YEAR!!!! Wow. They have other plans with different features, but the for most people these two plans are more than enough.

Still skeptical, I downloaded and installed the software on my sister’s PC and it was a breeze. The software has one quirky thing to it, in that you can’t add directories on the right window panel, you must use the left one (took me few tries to figure that out.) Still, the quality seemed decent and the status window that popped up from the System Tray icon was very responsive and showed adequate information.

All in all, I can’t believe this deal. I currently use Carbonite, but I am going to test this one and might switch permanently if it works as well as it seems to. I recommend you give this a shot!!