Just found this guy….awesome sound. Click below for the FREE EP (if it’s free, it’s for me!!)


Music To Code by….

Recently, I have come across a number of articles regarding the best (and even the worst) music to develop by (or even just to work by) and so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in regarding the issue. Why you ask (my 1000’s and 1000’s of viewers)? Because it really is an important aspect of writing code.

Although, historically, I’ve been a huge fan of listening to my favorite kind of music, METAL, but more recently, I’ve found a really interesting niche of classical that seems to help me focus even more:

Entre` the Epic Soundtrack:

Click here to listen

It’s uplifting and from time to time I feel like Matthew Broderick in Wargames programming the next doomsday machine (that just happens to start with Hello World!), and even if I am struggling to build a new 837 5010 generator using C#, it seems to keep my stress level a tad lower (as can be expected with a ridiculous amount of work to do and approaching deadlines.)

So, that’s my say on the subject. Nothing like compiling source code that works a stanza or two of the The Imperial March.

NYC – It’s Like A Drug (Come on, everyone’s doing it)

Wow. Our first night out on our bi-annual trip to paradise (yes, for my wife and I, this is it) and it’s already been a week’s worth of excitment…and we haven’t even done anything yet.

To recap:

  1. We ate some scrumptuous NY style pizza (cheapest meal we’ve had yet)
  2. Walked at least a half-marathon
  3. Had some guy first try to sell us stand-up comedy tickets, and then proposition us to come try out a swingers club (complete with mulitiple floors….the top floor was only for 4 or more)
  4. Watched the naked cowboy
  5. Saw THE tree
  6. Shopped at H&M at 9 o’clock at night WHILE listening to a pretty rockin LIVE DJ (props to Morsy)
  7. Oh, and had quite an adevnture on the NY subway (almost got on the train going to the wrong way, but thanks to my Ninja cat-like reflexes, we were saved)