Dragon Age: Origins…another good game, gone bad….

I can’t believe it…I really can’t believe it. I thought I had found my next great game, but it looks like I am wrong. I was so excited the first few hours I played it. The game has such great graphics and gameplay, I was already prepared to buy II¬†before I even finished the first one. In fact, I’m playing two different characters at the same time.

And then came Redcliffe…..I play games to do just that…PLAY GAMES. If I wanted a test of my mental toughness, or how perfectly I could execute a plan of battle (as well as make sure I gather the ultimate set of resources), I’d join the Marines. I HATE it when games go from mildy tough and enjoyable, to so hard, that I have no backtracked several hours into my character using old saves, to gather what I thought was my missing resources, and I still am getting my butt whooped. It’s not even close.

I might as well go back to playing Bad Company 2 until Battlefield¬†3 comes out. It seems that game makers are never going to make games for the casual gamer – only for those people that play games so much that they don’t have a life.


Oh, and I’m not the only one that feels this way.

Tokyo Blade

Let’s hear it for the old guys!!! I have never heard of Tokyo Blade and they had not put an album out since 1998!!! Now, look at these guys go. This song rocks!!!