November 14, 2018
  • What we have here, is a failure to communicate…

Tablet Wars…..for real this time

Seriously, no I mean it this time. I’m not joking.

I was reading this article here, which once again is doing a comparison of tablets of which at least one is not real (OK, it’s real, but you can’t buy it, which to me might as well be capable of making me waffles, and I’m not knocking Engadget or Ross Miller or anyone that feels the need to do this), and I keep asking myself a couple of questions.

  1. Why do I keep hoping that this time it will be different? – This time will not be different. We all just keep chasing this vaporware and frankly I’m bored with the whole thing.
  2. Can we get a tablet that is NOT A CELL PHONE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD? I mean, will someone besides a mobile carrier or one that is partnered with a mobile carrier please build us a tablet.
  3. Why does my tablet have to be a media center / laptop replacement / gaming device?

I suppose I am am jaded I had my heart broke early on in this race.

The latest iteration in this ongoing race that is truly more a fantasy than real, is fast, powerful, sweet looking….and will be EXPENSIVE. Come on guys! If someone would produce a $300 10-inch tablet with Wi-Fi, a Webkit browser (not impressed with the Android browser at all), that has a decent batter life, I would by 10 of them TODAY (and if you decide to comment and point me to that Asian crap that’s out there, don’t bother, I have a friend that was already burned on that stuff.)