November 14, 2018
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Val Kilmer

OK, I know this is supposed to be techno-nerd blog, but it’s my blog and I can write what I want to! (that reminds me of a song.)

So, onto our topic du jour. I love Val. No, not in a weirdo, stalker way and not in a homosexual way (not that I have a problem with that, in fact I’d say he is a good looking guy, from a straight man’s point of view.) I just love his acting. Oh, and I’m not talking about the Real Genius, Top Secret, or Top GunVal Kilmer (I wonder how many actors have done two movies with the word Top in them…well, non-adult film actors anyway.) I’m talking about Heat or The Saint Val Kilmer.

He always gets my attention when he is on screen. So, here’s why I’m writing this article….what the heck happened to him? I mean, he appears to be off the grid. Actually, I wish that was true. I wish that he had just retired or was not getting the parts he wanted. Well, maybe that last part is true, but he’s taking them anyway. Val has been very active in the past few years, and I’ve been digging up his stuff. I shouldn’t have been. His recent material sucks, frankly. I actually made a list of films of his that I haven’t seen, and was going to try and then I tried Spartan…ugh. Awful. In fact, it was so bad I gave up on the whole project. I even watched Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, because of Cage, not Kilmer and it was pretty good….but Val, not so much. I sure hope that he can get it back on track. I really love watching him, when the script is good and he’s being himself.

Good luck Val.

Oh, and Real Genius, BTW…one of my favorite movies of all time. 🙂

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jgreenOctober 20, 2010 12:01 pm /

Real Genius and The Saint....classics. ;) But you seemed to have left off one of his best performances as Doc Holliday in Tombstone. I'm your get the picture. Gonna have to sadly agree on his recent works though. What I have read is he had kids then got divorced and started trying to shed his "bad boy image" and diversifying. I suspect underlying issues that caused his wife and talent to leave. Too harsh? Maybe...

laurin1October 20, 2010 1:25 pm /

Oh, I thought about that while writing the post. I don't think that was too harsh at all.

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