November 14, 2018
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Verizon iPhone…..hehe, yea, right

In response to this article on Engadget about Verizon to sell iPhone in 2011, my friend John remarked:

Doesn’t make sense.  Verizon currently works on the CDMA network but they are vigorously moving up to the LTE network, as in they are launching portions of it by the end of this year.  Unless this phone can work on both, doesn’t sense.

*puts tinfoil hat on* – I’m starting to think these rumors are popping up for reasons beyond the product at hand – i.e., they are, in some way, attempting to effect consumers to buy or not to buy with rumors of slick new handsets due in a few months.  Theses rumors really tend to effect the market.

I respect John’s opinion a great deal, but…Really? Let’s look at the facts about LTE and Apple:

LTE will not provide NEARLY enough coverage for the wide-distribution sector that the iPhone is sold to.

Read this, posted today (by Brian Higgins, Executive Director VZW):,2817,2370440,00.asp

LTE will be in 38 cites….38? Not until that number is at least 10 times that, would Apple consider allowing a carrier to distribute its magical iPhone. If it’s an LTE only phone, then if you are outside the LTE coverage…you get (drum roll please), nothing! Why is that? Because unlike AT&T’s 3G network, that you can step down from to Edge….there will be no step down for LTE. You are LTE or you are on Wi-Fi my friend or you get a very expensive iPod.

Remember when the iPhone rolled out…what did Apple do that shocked the world…..they rolled out the most amazing communication device EVER…..on 2G (Edge.) And techno-nerds (like me) of the world, did what? We didn’t buy it. That is the #1 reason I did not buy one when they came out (well, Exchange was big deal, but that was fixed with a software upgrade.) We all thought they were idiots (I still do), but Apple did it for…coverage. They believed that coverage would be speed…and they were right (at least as far as market share and profitability are concerned.

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laurin1October 16, 2010 11:38 am /

iPhone on GSM/CDMA...but not LTE....can we see iPhone (2g) all over again?