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Entourage – Series Finale – Awesome

BEST FINALE EVER I cried like a baby. I’ve loved the whole series, but the last two seasons have just gotten better and better. The ending was picture perfect. Way to go Hollywood. You got this one right. And though, the crew is the best, Piven plays his absolute best here. Just at the most ...

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Movie Review–I Am Number Four

I am very pleased to say that my faith in Hollywood’s ability to do good science fiction has be officially restored. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I saw Super 8…and WOW. Great flick. True Spielberg (even the time setting.) Still, I was very hesitant on this movie, because I have just felt like ...

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Kick Ass!

No I am not just making an exclamation! I’m talking about the new movie from Lions Gate! I love superhero movies…especially those that connect with my inner-superhero.

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