• What we have here, is a failure to communicate…


Kick Ass!

No I am not just making an exclamation! I’m talking about the new movie from Lions Gate! I love superhero movies…especially those that connect with my inner-superhero.

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To Blog or Not To Blog Part 2

So this is to blog or not to blog part 2 and for this attempt I’m going to use Dragon Dictation for the iPhone to see how this facilitates accelerating posts. My first attempt with Dragon frankly sucked.

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To Blog or Not To Blog Part 1

Well, that is certainly the question I am trying to answer…and have been trying to answer for some time. I have tried many avenues to get my message out, but have either found the method too restrictive, too time consuming to maintain, or to interupted by other nonsense that infiltrates some of those methods (namely, ...

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